Former preschool employee accused in child pornography and peeping tom case

Local pre-school teacher arrested for child pornography and peeping tom
  • The Tulsa police cyber crimes unit and homeland security investigations arrested a local preschool teacher.
  • Andrew Perrine, now a former employee of B’nai Emunah Preschool in midtown was booked into the Tulsa County Jail last week on one complaint of possessing child pornography, one of distributing child pornography and three counts of peeping tom.
  • Investigators say after getting a tip they served a search warrant at Perrine’s home.
  • While there, they say Perrine admitted he was distributing child porn through a popular social media messaging app. Police did not specify which one.
  • Investigators say while searching Perrine’s phone they found more than fifty nude pictures of children under the age of 18.
  • They say they also found what are referred to as “up-skirt pictures” of two different women. Perrine reportedly told them he took the pictures and both women were co-workers.
  • Police say they also found several semi-nude photos of another woman. Perrine admitting she was another co-worker and that he had accessed her phone without her knowing and copied the photos to his phone.
  • Perrine has bonded out of jail.
  • This is a statement the school put on their website with more information.

TULSA, Okla. — The Synagogue released a statement.

Note to Congregation: In Our Preschool

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“As some of you may have heard, the past few days have been difficult for all of us at the Synagogue and we wanted quickly to bring you into the loop of this experience. On Monday, July 13, we were informed by local law enforcement that one of our preschool employees was about to be arrested. The group that visited our building included officers from the Tulsa Police Department, who came to share the news that our employee was a suspect in a case involving explicit images of teenage women approximately fifteen years old.This news was a disturbing surprise to all of us at the school. As a candidate for our faculty, this employee came with excellent references, including are commendation from a former employer in the public schools. The candidate then passed the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation security check without red flags of any kind. This means that the employee was vetted by the State Department of Human Services in a process which involves fingerprinting everyone who works in an Oklahoma school. According to the officers, the cache of discovered images will likely bring legal consequences, but it did not include pictures or videos of young children. To the best of their knowledge, no children who were, or are, students in our school are in this cache. We are thankful for this news, but concerned nonetheless. This is an ongoing investigation and several digital devices are now being examined. The arrest, which took place the following day also involved an allegation that our employee was a so-called “peeping Tom,” and that this behavior may have victimized other employees in our school. We are now working with Gail Lapidus and our friends at Family and Children’s Services to offer robust psychological support to anyone who may need it.

In the days following the event, we have been evaluating our security on every leveland instituting safeguards regarding the taking of photographs in our school. Even though the suspect did not seem to collect images of that kind, we want to be careful and proactive. We have also reached out to parents each day, including a Zoom session on Friday, July 17, with investigators from the Tulsa Police Department. The officers with whom we met were deeply empathetic, and assured us again that no photographs of our children have surfaced on the devices in question. They also assured us that nothing could have been done to screen the employee better than we did.We will, of course, be monitoring all these developments closely, and will share any further information that emerges. Many thanks in advance for your patience in the hours and days ahead. The staff member in question was officially dismissed as soon as we could legally act and he will not be permitted to approach or enter the building. Whatever follows, Rabbis Fitzerman and Kaiman are available to speak with you on any question of concern. All of us at the Synagogue share our sorrow and regret that such news inevitably brings concern to everyone in our community.”