Former FDNY fireman with Oklahoma ties shares his story of survival, 20 years after 9/11

This Saturday marks 20 years since the September 11th terror attacks.

Now, a retired New York City firefighter with ties to Oklahoma is sharing his miraculous story of survival following the attacks.

Tim Brown came to Oklahoma as a part of New York’s Task Force 1 to help with rescue efforts after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

Brown was back in New York six years later, when the planes hit the Twin Towers in Manhattan.

At the time, he was already retired from the FDNY and was working as a supervisor for Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s emergency management team, which was housed in 7 World Trade Center.

“The first plane flew over the roof of our building and slammed into the north face of the north tower. Basically I was there when it happened,” Brown told FOX23. “There was debris all over that was on fire. Parts of the plane, parts of the building. Black smoke, white smoke, dust…and if you remember the paper, all the paper fluttering down from the offices. That’s exactly what it looked like, kind of Armageddon.”

Brown shared his account of working in the North Tower and seeing some of his firefighter friends for the very last time.

After the South Tower was hit, Brown went to work in the command center. He was outside the South Tower getting paramedics and a stretcher when the building collapsed.

He and others sought shelter in the Marriot Hotel, 3 World Trade Center.

He says he was one of only about 35 to survive there, as the twin towers collapsed onto the hotel.

“I just waited to be crushed, and I thought how unfair it was that I couldn’t hold my family one more time.”

Brown believes he survived so that he could tell the story of the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives that day saving others.

He now travels the country talking with first responders and military members about loss, PTSD and thoughts of suicide.

“I am a living example of why that should never be an option,” Brown said. “It takes patience and perseverance to find light in your life again and love in your life again”

You can visit Brown’s website to hear his entire story.