Food On The Move drive-thru distributions coming to an end, plans to return to in-person events

TULSA COUNTY, Okla. — After stepping up during a pandemic to help feed thousands of families, Food on the Move announced their final week for their large scale distribution.

The mobile food initiative has been helping provide fresh produce and food since 2014 to help in areas that face food deserts that have limited access to grocery stores. Food on the Move says their work has helped combat hunger and food insecurity through Tulsa and Oklahoma.

During the pandemic, Food on the Move set up a safe drive-thru produce and grocery giveaway. During that time, the group helped provide more than 3.5 million pounds of food and 600,000 individual meals in the Tulsa area.

The organization says they are returning to monthly, in-person events because of lifted restrictions regarding COVID-19.

Executive Director of Food on the Move Kevin Harper said that it comes at a time where they’ve started to see the need in Tulsa reduce. Harper said at one point they went from feeding 500 families to over 1,200 in a two hour event.

Food on the Move will distribute groceries again on Wednesday, May 26th, from 3-5 p.m. at Turley Assemblies of God.

Their next in-person event will be scheduled for Tuesday, July 20 at Chamberlain Park.

May 26 will be our last drive-thru grocery giveaway event, but SAVE THE DATE! We are shifting to in-person mobile events...

Posted by Food On The Move on Friday, May 21, 2021

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