• Fishing line prank injures toddler at a local Walmart

    By: Morgan Downing


    BRISTOW, Okla. - It’s a prank that went from funny to painful, and now a mother is furious. A family was shopping in the toy section at the Bristow Walmart when a baby girl was injured.

    “Children don’t deserve to go to Walmart to look at toys and end up in the ER,” mother Patricia Keeth said.

    Keeth spoke to FOX23 by phone Monday, saying she and her husband were shopping with their 1-year-old daughter, Allison, in the toy section Saturday.

    Keeth said her daughter was walking down the aisle when all of a sudden something bumped her backwards.

    It turned out to be fishing line that had been stretched across the aisle, perhaps to trip people. But since Allison is such a young, small child, it clothes lined her neck.

    “If it was me, I would be really upset because I mean, that’s a little girl. It could’ve actually slit her. You never know what could’ve happened,” said Walmart shopper Amber West.

    Keeth is upset and she wants answers.

    “Even if it was a prank that was supposed to be funny or bad, I mean it could really hurt somebody. And I would like to know who did this and I want them to see my daughter’s neck,” Keeth said.

    She said Allison’s neck is bleeding in areas because it’s irritated. She’s certain it’ll leave a scar.

    “Even if it was on purpose or supposed to be funny as a joke, haha it’s not. My daughter’s going to be damaged for life now,” she said.

    Keeth said the store’s manager told her Saturday she would review the surveillance cameras to see if they can figure out who’s responsible.

    As of Monday evening, Keeth said she hadn’t heard back.

    We called Walmart and a spokesman told us he didn’t think there were any cameras near the toy aisle that would’ve captured this on camera.

    Keeth said she was told an investigation has begun and said she should know within 30 days if Walmart is found responsible. If so, Allison’s ER bill would be paid for.

    We will continue to follow this story and let you know what comes of the investigation.

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