Final day for residents to leave Vista Shadow Mountain apartments, volunteers needed

TULSA, Okla. — Wednesday is the deadline for residents living at Vista Shadow Mountain Apartments to move out of the complex because of unsafe living conditions.

Several nonprofits and organizations are trying to help them move and pack, such as James Mission and Housing Solutions.

Joey Reyes, the co-found of James Mission, said they still had around 50 to 60 families to move as of Tuesday.

Reyes said many of them are dealing with a lot of emotions, as they try to figure out what’s next. Some are moving to new homes, while others are going to hotels for temporary housing.

Reyes said they desperately need more volunteers to help residents pack and move.

He says starting at 8:00 a.m. anyone is welcome to come out for as long as they can.

“Even if it’s just 30 minutes or an hour, or if you just have one box, it will be a big helps,” Reyes said. “This is 61st and Memorial; this is our community; this is our backyard. These are our neighbors and they really need help.”