Tests pending in crash that killed Tulsa man

  • A fatal accident around 8 p.m. on Sunday evening near 51st and Harvard
  • Police say 68-year-old Gregory Bush of Tulsa was killed.
  • Two vehicles, a Model T Ford and a Jeep Liberty were involved in the crash.
  • They arrested Whitney Wheeler of first degree manslaughter, among other charges

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa police arrested the driver of a Jeep following a crash Sunday night on East 51st Street that killed 68-year-old Gregory Bush.

Tulsa police said it will take a week for blood alcohol tests to be complete but said 41-year-old Whitney Wheeler failed preliminary field sobriety tests.

Wheeler is charged with first degree manslaughter, a seatbelt violation and an insurance infraction.

Emergency crews said around 8 p.m., an antique Model T Ford and the Jeep drove westbound near Harvard. The Jeep rear ended the Model T, and the driver was thrown from the vehicle and killed.

Friends of Bush told FOX23 he was a motorcycle enthusiast and a decorated veteran.  He did not like to have his photo taken, but they gave us a shot of him, back turned, with friends at a restaurant.