Eco-friendly rental home coming to Green Country

NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA, Okla. (KOKI) — A new kind of rental home is coming to Green County aimed at providing a more eco-friendly conscious place to stay.

Jason Anderson has an extensive background in home building and renting, but wanted his work to be more environmentally friendly.

He became a certified builder for ‘Green Magic Homes,’ and using the companies products and his skills, is building an eco-conscious, non-traditional home.

The pieces for the home’s shell were delivered in a semi to the Lake Eufaula area Tuesday to be built on-site.

Anderson said in comparison to a traditional home, this one is built with the planet in mind.

“You’re looking at truck after truck after truck full of supplies, materials and labor, people, with this I’ve got a 2,084 square foot, three-bedroom, three bathroom house that shows up on one truck, so right off the bat we’re changing, we’re decreasing the carbon footprint by 70% just off of that alone,” he explained.

The eco-conscious focus continues once the home is complete.

“The more grass you have on the top of the house, actually the lower your electric bill will be at the end of the month, it absorbs more of the heat and the radiation coming off of the sun, and being outside and it just decreases your operational cost by 30-40 percent on your monthly bills alone.”

The home will cost about $400 a night to rent depending on the season and demands starting in early 2022.

This is Anderson’s first home in this style. He plans to build more variations in the future.