• USGS: Oklahoma home to 40% of major American earthquakes in 2015

    By: Tiffany Alaniz


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • A preliminary magnitude 4.5 earthquake was reported around 3:50 near Medford
    • The magnitude was revised to 4.7
    • Nine earthquakes followed Monday
    • Share your earthquake experience HERE
    • Statistics show that 40% of all major earthquakes located in the lower 48 states have occurred in Oklahoma.

    An early morning earthquake on Monday shook many awake in Oklahoma. 

    The US Geological Survey reported a preliminary magnitude of 4.5, with the epicenter of the quake in Medford. They revised the magnitude to 4.7.

    Crews in the FOX23 studio reported feeling the tremor. FOX23 Tiffany Alaniz described her initial reaction to the tremor:

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    According to the USGS's Did You Feel It? reports, residents in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Texas also felt the tremor that originated in Medford. 

    FOX23 News app users received a push alert when the USGS reported the magnitude. To get breaking news and weather alerts to your phone, click HERE. 

    Another earthquake, registering as a 3.0 was reported near Edmond around 5:50 a.m.

    A third happened in Perry around 7 a.m. That quake registered at 3.1. 

    About 40 minutes later, Perry had a second quake with magnitude 2.7.

    A fifth earthquake was reported in the state around noon, measuring at 3.2 in Cherokee. 

    A sixth was reported at 1:45 near Mooreland. It was reported a 3.0.

    The seventh earthquake was reported near Medford. It measured 3.6 magnitude.

    An eighth earthquake was reported just before 5 near Watonga, measuring at 2.5.

    Two other earthquakes were reported later near Cherokee, Oklahoma. They were both under 3.0 magnitude.

    According to USGS data for 2015, 28 major earthquakes measuring at least a 4.0 magnitude occurred in Oklahoma.

    Nationally, there have been 69. 

    That means 40% of the major earthquakes reported this year occurred in Oklahoma.

    Check the FOX23 Earthquake map for updates from the Oklahoma Geological Survey. 

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