Dog returns to Haskell family, nearly two days after she was swept away by flood waters

HASKELL, Okla. — A Haskell family is in awe after their dog washed away in recent flood waters, but then returned home days later.

Elaine Hendrickson-Parry moved in with her 88-year-old dad Donald Hendrickson when the pandemic started. She was asleep on his couch Thursday May 5 around 1 a.m. when flood water broke open their front door and started rushing in. Severe storms had taken over Green Country.

The pair moved to the front porch with Hendrickson-Parry’s dog Luna. The door locked behind them and they didn’t have a key. Hendrickson waded through rising water to his car to get a spare. His daughter climbed up on a rock wall out of the water. Her dog Luna struggled to get on the wall, too.

“She’s clinging with her front claws to the windowsill,” she said.

Then, Luna moves in the opposite direction.

“She hit the current that was hitting the wall and swooshed it around the house, and she was gone.”

With no way to go after her, Hendrickson-Parry gets her dad up on the wall.

They stood there for hours. Eventually, the water went down, and they were safe.

Hendrickson-Parry told FOX23, “I thought I would never see her again.”

She searched all 11 acres of her dad’s land for her dog. Friends and family posted about Luna online.

Then, Friday night, “About 11 p.m. I was in the living room and I heard ‘woof!’ Really faint and soft, and I thought that couldn’t be her.” 44 hours later, Luna was home.

Hendrickson-Parry and her dad are still dealing with devastation at their home. Everything is ruined. However, when FOX23 asked her what she’s taking away from this situation, she told this old story, “…about a woman who said, asking God for grace is like standing in a river of clear, clean water, and asking for a drink of water, cuz it’s all around you, and so ever since then I’ve said the same prayer that that woman always said, which is ‘Thank you God for everything, I have no complaints.’”

Not only did Luna find her way home, but she is also hearing and visually-impaired. She’s also about 12-years-old.