Dog recovering after being delivered to local vet shot, badly beaten

TULSA COUNTY, Okla. — Volunteers at Oklahoma Alliance for Animals say a dog named Thor is fortunate to be alive.

The nonprofit dedicated to ensuring humane treatment to animals says Thor was first brought into an animal emergency center in a trash bag. They say someone brought Thor into the clinic and said they found a stray that had been hit and killed by a car.

The clinic determined Thor had actually been shot in the head, and to their amazement, was still alive in the bag. The vet reached out to OAA shortly after.

Members of OAA were able to determine Thor was microchipped and had a rabies tag. They were also able to track his owners who adopted the dog from a small animal shelter. Members say the odd part was that Thor was found 100 miles away from where they believed he belonged near the Tulsa and Rogers County border.

After more research, OAA was able to contact the family and find out that the dog had been rehomed to someone else over Craigslist. They determined the person who brought in the dog to the clinic was also the same person who the dog was rehomed to.

OAA says they are working with the sheriff’s office and says animal abuse could lead to a felony charge. The nonprofit says the clinic didn’t just treat a bullet wound that went through the dog’s skull near his eye and out the bottom of his lower jaw, but the also believe the dog had injuries like it had been beaten.

Thor left a Catoosa animal clinic Wednesday to stay temporarily with one of the volunteers from OAA while he continues to heal. The plan is to help get the dog a safe home and find justice for the person responsible for Thor’s injuries.

OAA says if anyone would like to donate to Thor’s medical bills or for supplies, you can do so on their website: