Doctors urge Tulsans to get the flu shot ahead of the fall season

TULSA, Okla. — While the COVID-19 pandemic has been on the front of everyone’s minds, doctors say flu season is almost here.

Health professionals say you should get the flu shot between mid-September to early October. CareFirst Pharmacy is located at 61st and Sheridan. They say they haven’t administered any doses so far, but they’ve had the vaccine for a month.

The flu and COVID-19 shots can be administered at the same time. Each one protects against its specific virus.

Pharmacist Susan Rooks says flu numbers were down last year, but she believes cases will rise in 2021. “Everybody was home last year, wearing masks, and now we’re getting back to a more normal state,” says Rooks.

As the Delta variant continues to spread, Rooks says the flu vaccine will play a critical role in helping keep the strain off our already struggling hospital systems.

“The symptoms for COVID and symptoms for the flu are very similar, if not identical, so it’s hard to tell which one is which. It’s important to stay home, get tested know which one you’re dealing with.”