Delivery driver returns wandering toddler to parents at Bixby apartment complex

VIDEO: Delivery driver finds a young boy wandering around a Bixby apartment complex

BIXBY, Okla. — A local delivery driver is speaking out after finding a wandering toddler while making a delivery inside an apartment complex.

The driver says he has a cell phone video that he took as he walked up to the child at Encore Apartments in Bixby on Wednesday.

He says he asked the boy where his parents are but he didn’t answer.

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July 23, 2020 - A delivery driver told FOX23 he found a toddler wandering the parking lot of a Bixby apartment complex.
July 23, 2020 - A delivery driver told FOX23 he found a toddler wandering the parking lot of a Bixby apartment complex. (FOX23)

In the video you see the driver pick the child up, taking him to the apartment complex office, who helped find the parents.

Bixby officers say after speaking with the mother they learned the family had just moved into the complex.

“The mother was in another room when the father left for work, and the child was able to escape out the front door,” police said.

The mother told police she was unpacking boxes and thought her child was in the other room watching TV.

“It doesn’t appear to have a criminal aspect to the case, but nonetheless we will forward the information to DHS in the event the family could use any potential services and also to document in the event something like this were to happen again,” police say.

Investigators say they believe the child was alone for about five minutes before the delivery driver picked him up.

The driver says he’s glad this situation didn’t turn out tragically and that he was able to help.

Police say they are using this as a reminder that parents need to stay mindful constantly when their kids are awake because children are exploring all the time.

FOX23 has reported on five children who’ve died in the last few months because they got out of a home and were wandering.

Tegan and Ryan Dennis died in their father’s hot car after they wandered out of his south Tulsa home

In another case, a child wandered out of his family’s apartment in south Tulsa early in the morning when his parents were asleep and drowned in the complex’s swimming pool.

Criminal charges have been filed in the Crook and Dennis cases.

The third case was ruled an accident.

Police say family history and caretaker criminal history are two of many things looked at in these kinds of cases when they are deciding whether to pursue criminal charges.