Crime continues despite global pandemic, Tulsa police say

Tulsa police still seeing crime despite coronavirus pandemic

TULSA, Okla. — Not even a global pandemic will stop some people from committing crimes.

Tulsa police have collected data on crimes they’ve responded to and FOX23 looked at the number of homicides and robberies since March 16.

There have already been four homicides since then and police are keeping an eye on three more cases that could become homicides if the victims die.

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Last year Tulsa had 6 homicides between March 16 and April 8.

Between March 16 and April 8 this year Tulsa has had 29 armed robberies, 5 of those at businesses. In the same time frame last year Tulsa had 33 armed robberies.

Police say most commercial robberies are of what is considered “essential businesses.” They believe that is why those are still happening.

Robberies of individuals are still happening because many of them are drug related and those types of activities are still happening, police said.

Other individuals are robbed in “crimes of opportunity.” Those are still happening because people are having to get out to go to the grocery stores, etc.

Police say the crime they have seen a decrease in is residential burglaries. They attribute that to more people being at home. They are still working on getting those numbers.