• Coyotes attacking, killing south Tulsa dogs

    By: Preston Jones


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:


    • Neighbors near 98th and Yale report two months of coyote problems
    • One woman said a coyote killed her dog; a man had to chase two away from his dog
    • Government officials say because of the location, the neighbors have to handle the coyotes through private means
    • The coyotes seem to be staying around the neighborhood, which has more than 100 dogs


    South Tulsa neighbors are worried for the safety of their pets, and there does not seem to be much government officials can do to help.

    FOX23 heard from neighbors in the 98th and Yale area, who say they have had coyote problems for the past two months.

    While crews were out talking to neighbors and meeting the dogs those coyotes seem to be targeting, the coyotes came out. 

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    Coyotes killed one woman’s dog about two weeks ago. A nearby man said he used a baseball bat to chase off two coyotes going after his dog.

    FOX23 reached out to various agencies, including the City of Tulsa, the State of Oklahoma and the Department of Wildlife.

    All of the agencies said because the neighborhood is not an agricultural area, the neighborhoods will have to fend for themselves.

    Together, the neighborhood is looking into hiring a private trapper or Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator to catch those coyotes.

    The decision would be made to protect more than 100 dogs living in the neighborhood, which backs up to a large plot of land. Neighbors believe the coyotes are living on that plot. 

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