Court documents reveal new details into Tulsa’s first murder of 2022

TULSA, Okla. — UPDATE: Brinlee Denison and Nicholas Johnson have been extradited from Fayetteville, Ark. and booked into the Tulsa County Jail.

Tulsa County Court records indicated new details on Tulsa’s first murder in 2022.

Officers arrested Nicholas Johnson, 25, and Brinlee Denison, 23, on Murder in the First Degree and Larceny of an Automobile charges on Thursday, Jan. 6.

Sarah Maguire was found dead by Tulsa police officers of blunt force trauma inside her home Wednesday, Jan. 5. Her white Dodge Charger was also missing from her home when officers arrived.

Johnson and Denison both confessed to beating Maguire to death with a crowbar, stealing her car and using Maguire’s stolen credit cards to fund a trip, according to court documents.

Court documents also stated that Johnson and Denison were in an intimate relationship, and Johnson was introduced to Maguire through Denison.

Johnson stated that he was jealous of the relationship between Denison and Maguire.

He also confirmed that Denison was with him during the murder and even assisted in planning the killing Maguire. Denison assisted in getting rid of evidence by throwing clothing worn during the murder out of Maguire’s vehicle as the two felt the state.

Johnson also stated that he and Denison had sex in Maguire’s bed after beating Maguire with the crowbar. He confirmed Maguire wasn’t yet dead while the two were intimate.

According to documents, Denison was aware the murder was taking place, and she stole various electronics, credit cards and valuables from Maguire’s home. Dension also drove Maguire’s car most of the way to Fayetteville, Ark.

When she wasn’t driving, she was using Maguire’s electronics and credit cards to transfer money from her bank into an account set up for Johnson and Denison.