First coronavirus patient in Tulsa County donates plasma | Woman improves after plasma treatment

TULSA, Okla. — Doctors at Ascension St. John Medical Center administered the first convalescent plasma injection to a COVID-19 patient in Tulsa over the weekend.

FOX23 learned the patient is a woman and received the injection over the weekend after which doctors say her condition dramatically improved and she was moved off the ventilator on Monday.

The first coronavirus case in Tulsa County likely helped.

Curtis Barone, 56, had that first confirmed case after starting to get symptoms on March 1.

“I just had the flu in December, and if I compare the two, the symptoms with COVID-19 were kind magnified, they were heightened,” Barone says.

He had recently taken a trip to London but says he doesn’t know if that’s where he caught it.

Barone donated plasma on April 9 at American Red Cross in east Tulsa that could go on to help others Ascension St. John Medical Center.

“Being able to actually turn that negative into a positive and contribute plasma as part of a study, and actually see, not see, but be a part of someone’s recovery, and hopefully as I said they continue to recover, that feels good,” he says.

The procedure is part of a clinical trial being performed across the United States. The FDA has not yet approved it.