Coronavirus in Oklahoma: Here is how to stay informed

Coronavirus in Oklahoma: Here is how to stay informed
How you can stay up to date on news that matters to you with FOX23. (FOX23)

TULSA, Okla. — FOX23 is working hard to bring you news that matters during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve put together a way to guide you through these tough times with news you care about brought to you however you see fit.

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Television Streaming Apps

  • Our FOX23 News app is free to download on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick devices
  • Watch our newscasts live
  • Watch on-demand videos about the coronavirus in Oklahoma in the special coronavirus section of the apps

FOX23 News app:

  • Free in the Apple app store or Google Play, but you can also download it by clicking on this link
  • Available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Watch our newscasts stream live
  • Watch local leaders provide new information live
  • Watch on-demand videos about news that matters to Oklahoma and Green Country during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Get real-time alerts sent to your phone or tablet alerting you to new orders put in place, closures, openings, school information, healthcare information and other important facts to know
  • Activate free alerts informing you about what is happening in your neighborhood because of the coronavirus pandemic
VIDEO: Customize alerts on FOX23 News app

Find FOX23 on Social Media:

  • The latest information posted to our Facebook page
  • Connect with your neighbors to share information
  • Stay informed about any programming changes made to FOX23 on television or online
  • See how people across the Green Country are spending their time in isolation
  • Look at messages of hope, joy and optimism from local families and businesses
  • Share your pictures and videos with FOX23 to show the story of how Oklahoma reacted during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Direct links to local stories about the coronavirus pandemic in Oklahoma
  • Direct links to stories about testing, safety, and other important information
  • Live updates from our reporters as we confirm information about what is happening in our area