Coronavirus: Antigen test results to be reported in Oklahoma’s daily numbers

VIDEO: Oklahoma health officials to change way coronavirus tests are reported

TULSA, Okla. — -The number of new coronavirus cases may jump significantly tomorrow—as the state changes the way cases are reported.

-The state department of health says beginning tomorrow—we’ll see numbers for people who tested positive after taking both PCR tests and antigen for the coronavirus.

-The PCR tests are usually done at health departments and take several days to get results back.

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-The antigen tests are better known as rapid test, typically done at private facilities, like urgent care clinics and take just minutes to get results back.

-Up until now, those rapid tests have not been included in our daily case counts.

-Tomorrow, those rapid tests results will be lumped in with the traditional PCR tests—which will make it appear that there’s more coronavirus cases in Oklahoma.

-Tomorrow’s numbers will include all rapid tests that have been done since September first.-The health department says they made this decision based on CDC guidelines—and because rapid tests are becoming more popular—and often being used in schools and colleges.

-The health department says the new count will help give us a better idea of the true impact of coronavirus in Oklahoma.

-The state will not be separating the two classifications—but the information about confirmed cases verses probable cases will still be available on the CDC website.