• Some express concern over group in Tulsa Veteran's Day Parade

    By: Farron Salley


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • CAIR will be allowed to march in the Veteran's Day parade, despite some backlash from Green Country residents.
    • Allen Branch of the Oklahoma Resistance said he was denied a float portraying Confederate soldiers.
    • He is holding a counter-rally after he was asked to leave a parade meeting. 

    Some people in Green Country say they believe a Muslim advocacy group should not be allowed to take part in next week’s Veteran’s Day Parade.

    Now, organizers with Tulsa’s 97th Veteran’s Day Parade say they are worried the new lineup will get more attention than those who actually served.

    Allen Branch runs the Oklahoma Resistance, and he said Confederate veterans should be portrayed at the parade, but a group supporting a Tulsa veteran in the parade should be banned.

    Branch stated that he believes that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) should not be allowed to march next week. CAIR is a group dedicated to advocating for Muslim people within the U.S.

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    Parade organizers asked Branch to leave the building during a parade meeting Wednesday morning.

    Branch said he has not ever served in the military, but he has scheduled a counter-rally on Veteran’s Day.

    CAIR is joining the parade for the first time this year because a Tulsa member is also a veteran.

    Organizers said the parade has always been apolitical and areligious, and any group that is not pro-veteran is not allowed to participate.

    Though some disagree with the decision, the majority of participants voiced support for CAIR.

    At Wednesday’s meeting, parade organizers also handed out parade day maps and told participants there will be extra security this year. Tulsa police also joined the meeting at the VFW post.

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