• Collinsville crash leaves truck dangling

    By: Miranda Christian


    COLLINSVILLE, Okla. - An accident caused by wet roads in Collinsville left a truck hanging from the side of a bridge Thursday afternoon.

    It could have ended a lot worse, but luckily the man driving the truck did the one thing that may have saved his life: He stayed calm and was wearing a seat belt.

    “He overcorrected and he went straight off the other side of the road and down into the creek bank head first,” one witness said.

    The Collinsville Fire Department and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers helped the man get out of the truck. Trooper Cody Willis said he was surprised to see the man so calm.

    “My first thought is he was injured really badly. That was my first thought but when I got up there and saw him sitting there in the front seat, seat belted in, he said he was OK,” Willis said.

    Willis said the scene could have been a different situation if the man had not been wearing his seat belt.

    “It’s a good thing he was wearing his seat belt. That seat belt strapped him in there and kept him in that same spot,” Willis said.

    After they were able to get the man out of the truck, he was up and walking around and wasn’t hurt.

    “He seemed fine. He said nothing hurt and he didn’t need to go to the hospital,” Willis said.

    After the truck was towed out of the creek bank, the damage could be seen, everyone was amazed that this man was able to walk away.

    “I was really surprised; he was really lucky how it happened,” one witness said.

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