Claremore parents say 7-year-old son with special needs left on bus alone

CLAREMORE, Okla. — Claremore parents Allie Spencer and Scott Cole say their 7-year-old son with special needs fell asleep on the bus and was left alone earlier this month.

The parents say their son fell asleep on the bus on Jan. 6 and woke up in the bus barn.

Claremore Superintendent Bryan Frazier says the bus had some mechanical issues and another bus had to come to pick up the students that day.

Frazier says the driver did not follow protocol which could have led to finding the boy sleeping in a check of the bus as the students were being moved.

“We didn’t know he was left on the bus until we got in the car when I asked what happened, " Spencer says.

“He said ‘I woke up on the bus and they found me because I was walking back and forth on the bus.’”

The parents have a new bus and bus driver for their son now, and Frazier says they’re adding protocols to make sure there isn’t a repeat of the situation.