City of Tulsa to announce details on distribution center under construction near airport

TULSA, Okla. — The City of Tulsa is set to announce the details of a massive construction project already underway on the east end of Tulsa International Airport.

Wednesday afternoon, the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust approved a 40-year lease with the possibility of extending that lease twenty more years to the company behind what has only been nicknamed “Project Koda” to protect proprietary information during the project’s planning and initial phases of execution.

It is now difficult to hide the fact that something big is underway on the southeast corner of 36th Street North and North Mingo where the land is now cleared and construction is underway.

FOX23 News is told that the project is a massive distribution center and/or warehouse-type building, and when approving the lease Thursday, TAIT board members called it the biggest construction project the airport has seen on its property in years.

TAIT members and City of Tulsa officials signed non-disclosure agreements until the lease was officially signed, but when FOX23 News asked for more details once the lease was approved by TAIT, we were told a major announcement was coming Thursday morning.

The Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office has the TAIT entered into a lease with listed as a company with headquarters outside of the State of Oklahoma.

FOX23 is in the process of examining ET Tulsa I, LLC’s incorporation filings with the State of Oklahoma to learn more details.

Employees on-site who came out to talk to FOX23 when they saw a crew getting video of the area said they didn’t know much about what was being built other than “a big warehouse of some kind”.

The City of Tulsa is expected to also release a conceptual picture in addition to details on Thursday.

TAIT members did not discuss the specifics of the project when they approved the lease in an open meeting.