• City Council approves new ordinance for secondhand shops

    By: Rick Maranon


    TULSA, Okla. - Businesses who deal with secondhand merchandise may soon be facing new regulations.

    Tulsa City Councilors gave final approval to a new city ordinance that would require secondhand businesses to catalog items like pawn shops.

    This new ordinance has been in the works for about four months .

    Any store in Tulsa dealing with secondhand merchandise sales will be required to catalog and require photo ID for transactions in which the store buys an item from someone who just walked in.

    “Over the last several months, both the council and the legal staff with the Police Department to draft an ordinance that was not overly burdensome on local businesses but also helps the Police Department catch those types of criminals,” City Councilor G.T. Bynum said.

    Pawn shops have been dealing with a similar ordinance that cracks down on the sale of stolen goods to them in exchange for cash for a while now, but Tulsa police asked City Council to include secondhand pawn shops in a similar ordinance because they were finding thieves were now bypassing pawn shops and trying to sell the items at other stores that deal with the resale of used goods.

    “If they go to a secondhand store like a CD store, or a workout equipment store, places like that, those stores have none of the requirements in place the pawn shops do,” Bynum said.

    The new ordinance passed unanimously.

    The ordinance if signed by Mayor Bartlett will go into effect in about a month. 

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