Cherokee Nation Attorney General continues to ensure criminal justice is served

Okla. — Cherokee Nation Attorney General Sara Hill, says the Cherokee Nation will continue to ensure criminal justice is served following today’s Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals ruling.

The ruling dismissed criminal charges in the Travis Hogner case, and will likely lead to the dismissal of hundreds of other state criminal cases along the Cherokee Nation.

The case was dismissed today, but Hill says, these kind dismissals is what her office has been planning on for months.

Hill wanted to make clear, if a case is dismissed, that does not mean all defendants walk free.

She says in the past few weeks, her office has filed more than 300 cases in tribal court that were slated for dismissal by state courts. Many other cases will be refiled with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Hill says her office has invested $10 million to expand its marshal service and hire tribal judges, prosecutors and victim advocates in the wake of the McGirt ruling.