Charges against a man arrested for a 2011 murder have been dropped

VIDEO: Charges were dropped in a 2011 cold case but the case isn't over yet

TULSA, Okla. — Charges against a man arrested for murder were dismissed yesterday after the District Attorney’s office says a key witness was not cooperating.

Patrick Hamstard was arrested in May for the December 2011 murder of Peggy Gaytan, killed while working in a convenience store near 36th Street and Harvard Avenue in Tulsa.

District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler says he still plans to move forward with charges at a later date.

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He is reevaluating his evidence and witnesses to build a new case.

Kunzweiler says since murder cases do not have a statute of limitations, it was better to dismiss the charges for now, rather than move forward and potentially lose the case.

Friends of Peggy Gaytan says they are disappointed in the dismissal, but hopeful the case will move forward successfully.

The attorney representing Patrick Hamstard says his client is innocent, and doesn’t know why police or any accusers have said he was involved.