Changes being made to improve Tulsa bike lanes

TULSA, Okla. — Recent road projects in midtown and downtown are intended to improve safety for all modes of transportation.

FOX23 reported last week on the new bike lanes along 11th street to help connect midtown to downtown.

Tulsa Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) works with the city and INGOC to help improve roads for cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and more.

The committee says many of the new bike lanes are blocked off by a parking lane for vehicles, adding a layer of protection for those using bike lanes. It also adds additional parking, which can improve retail in the area.

Green paint on the roads help indicate bike lanes and “conflict zones” near cross walks. Drivers need to be aware of the green crosswalks and be on the lookout for cyclists in those areas.

In addition to bike lanes, the road projects also help meet ADA standards like curb cuts and cross walks for pedestrians.

The 11th street project is going to connect Downtown to East Tulsa. Cheyenne Avenue will soon be converted to two lanes for traffic and add on street parking and bike lanes. There are various projects in the works to improve access to Riverside.