Cannabis friendly gym offering fitness classes in Broken Arrow

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — A Broken Arrow gym is catching people’s attention with its unique twist.

The owner of Mission Purpose Fitness L.L.C., Christian Stark, says her gym doesn’t just welcome all people of all fitness levels, but the gym is also cannabis friendly.

Stark, who is also a mother of three and lives in Pryor, says she opened her business back in June after recently graduating from college. She says during the pandemic she was laid off as an essential worker from the hospital and used her unemployment to open the gym. She said, “I’ve been in the healthcare industry for 12 years and this is different. This is a different kind of helping.”

As a certified trainer, Stark says she closely monitors her members who choose to medicate while educating them about cannabis and working out safely. The gym requires all clients to sign a liability waiver stating that they do have a medical marijuana card, that they do understand not to over medicate.

Stark says members can learn about cannabis education in addition to nutrition, private personal training, group fitness, yoga and corrective exercise. She says the goal is about helping people learn how to exercise, creating a close community, and normalizing the use of medical marijuana.

Stark says there’s a certain stigma that comes with medical marijuana that she wishes to help eliminate — she says it starts with education.

Stark says Mission Purpose Fitness L.L.C will be having their grand opening celebration on Saturday, January 16th, at 1 p.m. for anyone who wishes to come and learn more. She says there will be several other local cannabis businesses there to help spread awareness.

Mission Purpose Fitness L.L.C. is located at 400 S. Elm Place, Suite G in Broken Arrow.