Burger Brothers explore Tulsa one burger at a time

Where can you get a burger in Tulsa? 
"I've traveled the globe for over 25 years at this point as a touring musician with my group House of Pain and upon arriving in Tulsa a year or so ago it occurred to me that never had I seen so many authentic All-American Burger joints in one town. Many of them have been in business since the '50s and some even dating back to the late '30s. I was immediately intrigued as to how and why this came to be that so many of these classics had survived in one place," said O'Connor. 

TULSA, Okla. — Now FOX23's Ron Terrell and O'Connor are touring some of the landmark burger joints in Tulsa and getting the inside story on some of Tulsa's historic restaurants.  It's a project that came out of friendship and a love of burgers.

"I would meet up with Ron whenever I was in town working on The Outsiders House and usually, we'd grab a burger after every interview. I started to ask him about what he knew of the history of these places and which one he liked the best. Being that both he and I are not originally from Tulsa we thought why don't we just try 'em all and see for ourselves. It was then The Burger Brothers was born. To date, we have hit four to five different burger joints in Tulsa together as The Burger Brothers and so far each one of them is different from the next and has its own unique story," said O'Connor. 

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“Over the past year or so, I’ve had the chance to get to know Danny through doing stories about The Outsiders House. Over that time, we’ve grabbed a bite on several occasions at some of our local burger joints. One day, I was doing a story on the house, and Danny started talking about what a cool idea it would be to hit each of the many awesome burger places Tulsa has to offer, and document it. I thought... that’s a really great idea! So we set the wheels in motion, and are so excited to make this a reality," said Terrell. 
The Burger Brothers started their burger tour and can't wait to share their stories with Green Country. 
"The burger becomes only a small part of what makes these places great in the end and hearing the history as told by the owners of these restaurants is what really makes them so special. Our hope is that we remind people of these American roadside classics and that by supporting these independent homegrown restaurants they shall forever remain," said O'Connor. 
"It’s been really awesome. We’ve heard terrific stories already. It’s been great finding out what makes each of these classic restaurants so unique, and we’re looking forward to learning more about each of these local haunts right along with the viewers," said Terrell.