Broken Arrow residents to get curbside recycling

VIDEO: Broken Arrow to soon have curbside recycling

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — The City of Broken Arrow will be getting Curbside recycling, for the first time in city history.

The service will start October 5th.

Residents that opted-in to the program, can expect to get their blue recycling carts as early as next Monday.

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Broken Arrow Recycling Outreach Coordinator Mackenzie Jones says the city currently does not have any recycling pickup service. Residents have the option to drop off their recyclables at The Met, and that service will stay. This service will allow residents (who opted in to the program) to get a blue cart for their recyclables starting next Monday.

All residents have to do is put their recyclables in the blue cart, and the city will pick it up once a week, along with their current trash bins.

Typically, the city will pick up trash bags in front of people’s yards twice a week, but now that service will be moved to once a week. Jones estimates the new service will help prevent more than 9 million pounds of recyclables from ending up in the landfill.