• Bristow politician claims voter fraud

    By: JJ Burton


    BRISTOW, Okla. - A mayoral candidate in Bristow is suing the Board of Elections and some voters. 

    It’s over the March 3rd municipal election. Candidate Leon Pinson filed the suit alleging those named in it defrauded the system. 

    He claims they’re registered to vote in Bristow but don’t live within city limits.   

    Pinson lost the election to incumbent Leonard Washington by 12 votes. He asked for a recount, which was done Wednesday. The Board of Elections said the results were the same. 

    In the suit Pinson and his lawyer claims the defendants used their businesses as their address and that’s how they’re registered to vote. 

    If that is true it is against the law. According to state law you must live where you are registered to vote. 

    Pinson declined to comment to FOX23 and so did Washington.

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