Breaking down snow ratios for today’s winter storm

TULSA, Okla. — Oklahoma is expected to see some snow over the weekend.

The FOX23 Severe Weather Team is breaking down what you need to know about the expected snow ratios you could see.

Snow ratios refers to the liquid equivalent of our snowfall. For example, Tuesday’s snowfall was very “dry” compared to normal snows in Oklahoma.

The lake-effect snow resulted in just over an inch of snow, but just a few hundredths of a inch of water from that.

The FOX23 Severe Weather Team estimates parts of Green Country could get half an inch of water if it were to fall as rain. However, a snow ratio is estimated to be 18 inches of snow for every 1 inch of liquid. That would give parts of the area around 9″ of snow based on that projection.

Snow ratios tend to get higher the colder it gets, but is also based on total available moisture in the atmosphere.

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An 18 to 1 snow ratio like Sunday into Monday is a high ratio, which will result in a more powdery snowfall than one with a snow ratio closer to 10 to 1 or lower that would result in a heavier, wet, packable snow. A higher snow ratio makes the available moisture go further in our accumulations.

Given the powdery nature of the snow, the upcoming snow will not be good for building snowmen, but great for sledding.

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