Bixby mother wants road changes at a busy intersection

BIXBY, Okla. — It’s one car after another at the intersection of East 106th and South Memorial.

Cars turning left either stop in the middle of the intersection to wait to cross six lanes, or sometimes narrowly miss oncoming traffic while crossing.

“They do not call them accidents because accidents can be prevented,” said Bixby resident Amy McGill.

McGill hates this intersection.

“There is nowhere to go,” she said.

This is the area where her son Jake died on his motorcycle in 2016.

“He was coming southbound. The truck pulled out from 106th to turn left to go back north across six lanes of traffic when he stopped in the middle, and blocked a lane and a half,” she recalled. “That is when that wreck happened.”

The intersection is where the city limits of Tulsa and Bixby converge. In the past, the two cities and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) have investigated fixing the issue and possibly removing the left turn option.

“Most recently, I was told we could not do anything because the property owners will not cooperate,” McGill said.

I reached out to all three entities about why construction has not happened.

A spokesperson for the City of Bixby said in a statement, “This stretch of South Memorial is also US highway 64. Since it is a state highway, you will need to reach out to Oklahoma Department of Transportation for any project updates or questions.”

A spokesperson for the City of Tulsa said in a statement, “ODOT is the project manager for this project. It would be best for ODOT to provide a response.”

A spokesperson for ODOT also said in a statement, “We have plans designed for the safety improvements and have shared them with both Tulsa and Bixby. All 3 entities are working toward approving them and coordinating a timeline for construction, which we do not have at this date.”

McGill said, “Just close the driveway so nobody can turn left. I do not understand why such a simple solution has taken this long.”