Bixby church desperate for return of stolen relic

VIDEO: Bixby church asking for help getting relic back after break in

BIXBY, Okla. — Church leaders in Bixby are looking for answers after someone stole a valuable item last week.

Leaders say St. Peter & Paul Coptic Orthodox Church in Bixby was broken into last Wednesday.

A priceless, irreplaceable relic of St. Paul was stolen from its glass case in the sanctuary.

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“When they touch this piece they feel they’ve touched one of the saints, you feel like you have sense in the church,” said member Magdy William.

That piece is a holy item in the church. For members, it helps them feel connected to the Saints.

They’re asking for the thief to bring it back. The church doesn’t have security cameras and is telling the person to lay it at the front door.

In addition to the relic, two TVs, a computer, and other various items were stolen from the church.

A GoFundMe page has raised over $9,000 to help the church replace most of the stolen items. The relic, however, cannot be replaced.

Anyone looking to donate can do so here.