Bixby child safe, woman arrested after alleged kidnapping

BIXBY, Okla. — A 1-year-old baby is safe and a Bixby woman is in jail after a 5-day search.

U.S. marshals found the child with her noncustodial mother, Karissa Ford, in Eufaula.

Police said Ford recently lost custody of the child and took her from her current guardians last Thursday. The guardians, Ford’s parents, thought that she would bring the child back. They filed a police report after a day had passed.

Officials tried to activate an Amber Alert for the girl but said circumstances around the case did not meet all the required criteria. The state rejected the request.

Investigators said they didn’t alert the media because they had promising leads at the time and wanted to follow up on those before asking the public for help.

They managed to track Ford to multiple locations over the last week, but kept missing her. It wasn’t until they searched Eufaula that they caught up with her.

Ford is in jail on a previous warrant on a drug case out of Tulsa County and a new warrant for this case.