Bill proposed in Oklahoma Senate would exclude transgender girls from women’s sports

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa equality organization is speaking out in opposition of the “Save Women’s Sports Act” proposed in the Oklahoma State Senate.

The Dennis R. Neill Equality Center says the bill is discriminatory toward the transgender community.

The bill would exclude transgender girls from playing women’s sports.

Morgan Allen is the Center Director at the Equality Center and says she is against the bill, saying it can be damaging to the mental health of the young LGTBQ community.

A 2019 study at the University of Oklahoma called the Prism Project surveyed about 90 LGBTQ youth in Tulsa, and found that one in five of them had contemplated suicide.

See more details from the Prism Project here.

In 2017, a Texas transgender boy was competing against girls because, by state law there, he was a girl.

“We have seen this happening around our nation – young women who have trained for years to become the best in their sport find themselves competing against young men who decide to identify as female,” State Sen. Michael Bergstrom said.

Bergstrom filed Senate Bill 331 for the “Save Women’s Sports Act” on Monday.

“It’s unfair to ask our female athletes to compete against biological males in any sporting event, unless the team is categorized as co-ed,” Bergstrom said.