Big Cabin Fire Department back in business after several resignations

Big Cabin firefighters now able to respond to fires again

BIG CABIN, Okla. — The Big Cabin Fire Department says it is back up and running.

This comes after the fire chief and multiple firefighters resigned when city councilors voted against an automatic aid agreement between the city and the Vinita Fire Department.

The agreement would have allowed both parties to help during a call if assistance were needed.

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Kevin Oakley, the only firefighter who stayed behind when others left, said he couldn’t leave his position. He wanted to continue protecting the community. Oakley said he signed up for a job and wanted to be there through thick and thin.

Oakley said it took a few weeks, but as of Tuesday, the volunteer department is once again back at it. It responded to its first call Wednesday morning. He said during the downtime, he couldn’t take calls even if the fire was right across the street from the station.

The firefighter said he has taken on the role of interim fire chief and, with the help of City Council members, the station will have 11 firefighters Thursday, including one of the former fire chiefs, the assistant fire chief and a fire captain at the station. Oakley said it’s very humbling these men are willing to help him get the department moving forward.

When FOX23 News asked Oakley about his concerns moving forward following the recent City Council decision, he said he knows in the end other neighboring departments will assist if they truly need the support and the job will get done. He said the important thing is about being there for the citizens when they need it.