Bartlesville officer helps man mow lawn

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. (KOKI) — Bartlesville man Jim Sutherland normally uses a landscaping service to cut his lawn, but due to some financial hardship, had to recently cut back and do it himself.

He uses a walker and has a push mower, so cutting his lawn is a lengthy and exhausting task.

While out mowing recently, a few neighbors stopped by and offered to help, but he shooed them away.

Then, Bartlesville police officer Sierra Compton rolled through his neighborhood on patrol and insisted on mowing for him.

He says, “The officers in Bartlesville are great, and she’s a little bit above the great part.”

Compton says while it was unusual for her to mow a lawn as an officer, for her, it’s just a part of the job.

She said, “This is what we should be doing, we should be serving our community, in every aspect that we can.”

Compton says if she sees Sutherland mowing anymore, she’ll stop by and take over once again.

Compton has been on the force with BPD for nearly two years.