Bartlesville boy mows lawns for neighbors for free, gifted new lawnmower from police

Bartlesville boy pledges to cut grass of elderly and disabled

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. — A Bartlesville boy who has pledged to mow his neighbors’ lawns has a new tool to get the job done.

Tony Leeson, Jr., 11, is bringing the “50 Lawn Challenge” to his neighborhood where he’s pledged to cut the lawns of the elderly, the disabled, single mothers and veterans for free.

However, his lawnmower needed some work.

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The Bartlesville Fraternal Order of Police heard about Tony’s work and pitched in to get him a new lawnmower and a can of gas to get the job done.

“Not many chose to spend their summer break like Tony helping others,” says Bartlesville Police Corp. Steven Johnson.

The FOP’s generosity inspired another man to buy him a weed eater from Jensen Tractor, and plenty of others have offered to pay to gas up his mower.

Tony says he’ll keep it going even after cutting 50 lawns.

“After I get all these 50 done, I’m just going to keep on going,” Tony says.

“I think it’s amazing I’m going to be able to help out the community.”