Aviation company reopens expanded facility in Tulsa, plans to hire more employees

TULSA, Okla. — Quality Aircraft Accessories has doubled the size of their Tulsa facility -- from around 12,000 square feet to 25,000.

The Tulsa facility manages operations, repairs, and maintenance for piston engine aircrafts. The expansion cost several million dollars and is expected to streamline services provided in Green Country.

QAA is just one of many aviation companies that call Tulsa home.

In fact, State Director of Aeronautics Grayson Ardies says Oklahoma is the number one place for aircraft maintenance, repairs, and operations in the world.

Ardies said what QAA has done is another sign of Oklahoma’s commitment to aviation.

Aviation is Oklahoma’s second largest industry and contributes $44 billion dollars a year and 210,000 jobs.

Aside from expanding their facility, QAA has also improved processes to eliminate wasted time, resources, and labor hours.

QAA said these changes will help better serve their customers.

They currently employ 40 people and plan to hire 14 more positions.