Authorities investigating body found in Mayes County

MAYES COUNTY, Okla. — The Mayes County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a body found near West 620 Road, Just north and the south 429 intersection.

They say the property were the body was located is Creek Nation property.

Investigators say a farmer found the body on July 15.

They say they had to rethink of ways to handle the investigation because of the recent McGirt ruling, which changes the consequences of crimes committed on tribal land.

The investigation is a joint effort between Muscogee Creek Nation and FBI.

The body still has to be identified, but they believe it is a woman.

They are currently looking for missing people in their databases.

They have a potential lead who is connected to vehicle located in area about a month ago, according to deputies.

Trying to find out how she got there to advocate for victim.

Deputies say there is an Amish and Mennonite community near where they found the body in Mayes County They don’t believe the victim had any connection to that community.

The land is accessible to the public. Off the beaten path, raises concerns.

The investigation is being treated as suspicious.

According to deputies, they believe that the body has been there for 3-5 weeks. They say a body that’s been there that long may cause difficulty finding evidence because of the recent rain and heat.

If the victim is identified as Native American, then it will go to federal courts.

They do not have any suspects at this time.

It is unclear if any crime was committed at this time.

Authorities are not releasing details on the positioning or condition of the body at this time.