Attention DISH Network customers

Attention DISH Network customers

ATTENTION DISH CUSTOMERS: Carriage Agreement of FOX23/KOKI and My41/KMYT by DISH has been temporarily extended. KOKI/ KMYT remains committed to negotiations with DISH to keep your favorite shows on our station.

By law, FOX23 must negotiate carriage agreements with satellite companies like DISH.

Usually, these deals are reached without any disruption to your service.

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In fact, our company has negotiated dozens of agreements with only the rarest of disruptions.

The best thing viewers can do is call DISH at 1-800-333-3474. Tell DISH that you pay them a lot of money to watch your favorite shows on FOX23, including FOX23 News and “The Masked Singer.” Tell DISH that if it drops FOX23, then you will drop DISH.

You can also view FOX23 Over the Air with an over the air antenna available at retail. Or you can contact any number of other providers that are committed to providing you with all the programming you watch every day:

Regardless, we will continue to work hard to try and get a successful outcome to this negotiation so that you do not lose live access to any of your favorite programming, but the ball remains in DISH’s court to step-up like all of their competitors and peers have done.