AT&T, Pediatricians launch survey to decide if kids are ready for a cell phone

There’s a new tool for families to use to help decide if a child is ready for a cell phone.

AT&T and the American Academy of Pediatrics launched an online questionnaire to help with the possible new purchase. It’s 10 questions, for example, ‘how often does your child act responsibly, such as finishing things they are assigned at school?’

At the end, the tool tells you if your child is ready, almost ready or not ready for a phone.

Dr. Megan Moreno with the American Academy of Pediatrics said parents often ask pediatricians like herself for advice on this topic.

She told FOX23 this tool takes into consideration concerns from parents, children, and doctors and child development was a big focus.

“We really wanted the questionnaire to be able to help guide parents to work with their kids on identifying where they are in development and personality and have some ways to make these decisions with the child,” said Dr. Moreno.

While the questionnaire isn’t the end all, be all answer, she added, “it helps parents to have those really quality conversations with their kid, whether or not their kid is ready for the phone at that time.”

To take the questionnaire, click here.