Arrest warrant issued months after a Tulsa woman’s death ruled a homicide

TULSA, Okla. — An arrest warrant has been filed months after the death of a Tulsa woman.

Juan Blanco is wanted on charges of second-degree murder. According to court documents, Blanco was dating the victim, Jackie Littrell. Littrell initially went to Tulsa’s Hillcrest hospital in June, complaining of abdominal pain.

She said that her boyfriend punched her in the stomach. Staff members determined that Littrell sustained internal injuries.

Littrell was released from the hospital several days later. However, she was admitted to Claremore’s Indian Hospital several weeks later.

Staff members there determined that her condition had become worse, and she was transported to Hillcrest in Tulsa.

Littrell died on July 11.

Family members confirmed that Littrell was dating Blanco, and they spotted Littrell with black eyes and bruises over the course of the year-long relationship.

Littrell filed a domestic assault report with the Tulsa Police Department in February 2022. She told police that Blanco hit her, giving her a head injury.

A witness reported seeing Blanco assault Littrell and then push her into oncoming traffic. This was the only documentation of abuse that Littrell had filed.

Police began to investigate Blanco. When asked about Blanco, an acquaintance told police, “he killed her, didn’t he?”

If you know where Blanco is, please call the Tulsa police department.