Are Oklahoma hospitals overwhelmed by coronavirus care? Here are the numbers

Are Oklahoma hospitals overwhelmed by coronavirus care? Here are the numbers
Hospital bed. (Phil Fisk / Cultura / Getty Images)

TULSA, Okla. — There are now 88 deaths in Oklahoma and nearly 1,800 confirmed cases of coronavirus, COVID-19 -- but how is that affecting the state’s hospitals?

Despite the growing numbers, the Oklahoma State Department of Health isn’t reporting any surges at state medical facilities yet.

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However, the department gets new numbers every hour and want people to know the situation is constantly changing.

Here are the numbers as of Friday, April 10 from 84%-89% of reporting hospitals statewide.

Hospital Beds

  • 368 of 1,007 ICU beds available
  • 2,668 of 5,605 medical surgery beds available
  • 537 of 634 operating room beds available
  • 332 of 538 pediatric beds available
  • 31 of 80 PICU beds available


  • OSDH Ventilators on Hand: 164
  • Total Face Shields: 161,148
  • Total Gowns: 78,106
  • Total Coveralls: 37,755
  • Total Gloves (boxes): 2,740
  • Total Masks (N-95): 81,960
  • Total Surgical Masks: 385,700
  • Total Procedure Masks: 262,400
  • Total Safety Eyewear: 233
  • Total KN95 Masks: 59,400
  • An average 12.3-day supply of Personal Protective Equipment for medical professionals.
  • Tulsa County has about 20 days of PPE.
  • 33,781 tests available.

The state is now tracking COVID-19 recoveries and is currently reporting 865 recovered individuals. A recovery is determined by those currently not hospitalized or deceased and 14 days after onset/report.