Alternatives to have safe Thanksgiving during pandemic

VIDEO: How families are adapting to Thanksgiving during the pandemic
  • Thanksgiving looks different this year for many families in Oklahoma, who are taking precautions in the pandemic.
  • FOX23 has heard from several people who are only gathering with their household, doing video chats with extended family, or eating outside to help prevent transmission of the virus.
  • We spoke with one family who has reduced their gathering from 18 to 8, and is sitting at two different tables outside, and using patio heat lamps for warmth.
  • Another couple decided to do Thanksgiving with just the two of them, instead of traveling and seeing family that could put them all at risk.
  • These families say it’s a sacrifice they re willing to make, if it means their loved ones wont get sick.
  • Doctors say these precautions are vital this year to help slow the spread and to lessen the burden on our hospital system.
  • Doctors say the safest Thanksgiving is only gathering with your household. If you do invite friends or family over, wear masks at all times except when eating. Eat outside, or keep the windows open for fresh air in the home.