• A real life field of dreams in Jenks

    None - Imagine a real life field of dreams where points don't matter, and wins are measured by cheers and smiles.

    "Yea, I'm out to win," said Anthony Nicks.

    Announcers echoed the importance, but folks on the field really drive it home.

    "My favorite part is working as a team to get the job done," said Nicks.

    Nicks is autistic. He and the rest of his teammates have paired up with Jenks High School baseball team for a round of "Buddy Baseball."

    "Oh, he loves it. He looks forward to it every year. I'm worried about after he graduates from high school. What we're going to do," said Jennifer Miller.

    "I like to get outside and get into sports," said Josh Miller.

    Jenks' ballplayers have been shadowing and mentoring youth with the autism center for seven years. The reception is always warm.

    "We don't get nearly the applause as these guys do," said mentor Bryce Ward.

    Everyone involved walked away a winner, even if the scoreboard didn't show it, the looks on their faces did.

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