$40 million dollar project will expand Highway 69 in Muskogee

MUSKOGEE, Okla. — The Oklahoma Department of Transportation plans to spend $40 million to expand Highway 69 in Muskogee.

An estimated 24,000 vehicles drive through the town every day. Muskogee city leaders believe expanding the highway could bring more economic development to the town.

The project will expand the highway from four lanes to seven with a median in some areas. While the project isn’t expected to start until 2024, the city is in the process of buying easements and purchasing the properties needed for the expansion.

Muskogee mayor Marlon Coleman says the owner of the Deluxe Inn, a dilapidated motel in the city, volunteered to demolish the property ahead of the project.

Previous plans to reroute traffic around Muskogee have been scrapped.