• 4-year-old put on wrong school bus, mom wants answers

    By: Morgan Downing


    TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa mother is angry because a substitute teacher put her 4-year-old on a random school bus.

    FOX23 has been working to get some answers from the school for two days, but right now all they are saying is they are investigating the incident.
    Mahree is Richelle’s only child. She’s 4 years old and the light of her life.
    So- when she got a call from her Mahree’s dad- saying her daughter wasn’t at MacArthur Elementary when he went to pick her up, she panicked.
    “What if someone took her? What if someone kidnapped her, raped her?” Richelle' said.
    Richelle' says either she or Mahree’s dad pick their daughter up from school every day. But this day she learned her daughter was put on a school bus. 
    She said Mahree’s imagination, and her substitute teacher is how she ended up on the bus.
    “Mahree told her she wanted to get on the bus. I’m like, 'Well, Mahree will tell you she wants to ride a space ship. She’s 4 years old. She has a big imagination,'” she said.
    After about 45 minutes of not knowing where her daughter was, she said they learned the school bus dropped her off at the Normandy Apartments -- 4 miles from MacArthur and nowhere near Mahree’s home.
    “She actually got off and wandered around for a little bit until one of the parents did notice her,” Richelle’ said.
    She wants to know how it happened.
    “I didn’t think the substitute would just let the 4-year-old tell them their way home. And just let them go wherever they are wanting to go,” she said. “Don’t let her out of her sight if you’re supposed to be protecting her.”
    FOX23 asked the district’s spokesman if there are any policies in place when it comes to knowing how each student gets home from school. He said he didn’t know.
    Richelle’ contacted the Board of Education, and she said they are supposed to set up a meeting with her and her daughter’s principal.
    FOX23 will follow up with the school and let you know how they say this happened.

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