Local thieves target Ford F-Series trucks, victim says 'poor design' is to blame

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Multiple victims say someone broke into their Ford F-Series pickup truck Friday.
  • Police say they believe thieves may have found an easy way to break into the trucks.
  • One victim said he thinks poor design may be to blame.

Thieves are breaking into certain pickup trucks in as little as 10 seconds, with only a screwdriver.

Friday, at least three people driving Ford F-Series trucks had their vehicle broken into near 71st and Memorial in south Tulsa.

One driver says he parked his F-250 in the nearby Sam’s Club parking lot around 5:45 p.m., only to find someone stole a pistol and hunting gear from him 20 minutes later.

Police said stolen guns typically end up at pawn shops or in the hands of the thieves that swiped them.

In that driver’s case, someone took off with $2,500 in equipment, but he says some of it was priceless. He said thieves took a sharpening stones that belonged to his grandfather and a deer call made by his daughter.

Drivers of an F-150 and F-350 said they are missing valuables after stops at area businesses Friday as well.

Police say it seems that thieves may have found an easy way to get into the vehicles.

A victim told FOX23 that thieves should not be able to break into cars so easily. He said criminals were able to “Jimmy” his truck’s handle, even though the doors were locked.

He blames poor design.

FOX23 reached out to Ford for comment, but we have not heard back.

There are attachments drivers can add to their handles to prevent that sort of break-in.


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