Local thieves reportedly use card skimmers on ATMs to steal from Tulsa-area residents

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Police say thieves are using card skimmers to steal from local residents.
  • They say the thieves will use the skimmers to take the information from cards and put them on gift cards, cloning the original card.
  • They believe they've identified a couple who has been stealing information.

Tulsa police say credit card fraud is changing, and it's now happening more while your card is still in your wallet.

Police say just months ago the fraud most often took place when criminals residents' actual cards. Now, they say criminals are stealing the info and cloning your card. 

Investigators say cloning is getting easier, and there are a lot more card skimmers around town.

They say the most recent skimmer was found on a standalone bank ATM.

Police say they work new cases in the double digits every day, and there are thieves who spend all day stealing card information.

Police believe the thieves put skimmers on card readers and then just overwrite bank info onto a gift card—essentially turning it into a credit card.

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A local victim told FOX23 she assumed her info had been hacked online in a big data breach. She couldn’t believe it was a local man who then used it at a local Walmart. She says now what used to be a crime committed by faceless hackers far away is being done by neighbors.

Police say dozens of people identified the man and woman in security photos they posted for help from the public, including an investigator who helped convict them for credit card fraud two years ago. Tulsa police have submitted the new case to the Tulsa County DA’s case for new charges.

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